At the Assembly





At the Assembly

Hey—I know you!

the wriggly one

the curious one

the one who needs glasses

the tiptoer


You probably don’t remember me. This is your first time through here.

(It’s my ninety-seventh, I think.)


hello, clumsy one with shoes untied

and charming one

and deflector


I’m excited to see what you learn today.

Often, this is not what I teach.


hello, not-speaker

and first volunteer

and mischief-sassy

and scarred-over-sassy

and little one without enough sleep


You are absolutely, invaluably special

and at the same time so laughingly the same

that I’ve met you

in the Bronx

and Kenya

and Palestine

and I imagine you’re in Siberia too

and also every stage of time


Someday you’ll grow up.

I kind of wish you wouldn’t do that

Because once you do, there’s this sheen of

armor stuff

on your skin

This is a loss.


But then again

You never do grow up

because you always show up again—

So, there’s that.


I’m awfully lucky to know you, friend.


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