Adult RE

Though religious education isn’t my primary work (shout-out to the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, which is a go-to source for this), it’s something I’ve occasionally developed resources for.

My favorite Quaker book is Lloyd Lee Wilson’s Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order, and if you’re interested in having some reflection questions to use while reading by yourself or with a group, here’s where you can find them.

Samburu Friends Mission is a ministry of Friends United Meeting, and I had the opportunity to visit Friends in Samburu in February of 2018.  While there, I found myself making a simple documentary.  You can watch it and find discussion questions here.

Whisper Buddies, which originated with New York Yearly Meeting Friend Jillian Smith, is an outstanding way to help younger and newer Friends integrate into Quaker communities.

And finally, I’ve been carrying a concern for a number of years about the intersection of mathematical algorithms and social justice.  You can read an introduction to this here and follow the links for more in-depth exploration if so led.