Age Inclusion

New!  Download my PDF booklet on age inclusion to use with your meeting: Multiage Inclusion Publication

I started examining multiage inclusion after being asked an uncountable number of times, “Why aren’t there more young people here?”  It’s a question that has real answers, so I decided to dig into them.

The original series of articles began with What Multiage Inclusion Might Look Like.  After that, I published another ten pieces fairly quickly:

Being Relevant Outside the Meetinghouse

Sacred Joy

Cutting the Code (about Quaker lingo)

A Meaningful Presence on Social Media

Building a Permission-Giving Culture

Examining Traditions in the Light

Money, Money

Writing for All Readers (about reading levels)

Nurturing Parents

Getting Ourselves Together (about supporting Friends in multiage spaces)

Later, at the suggestion of a beloved Friend, I wrote Revamping the Job Descriptions as an addition to this series, which has to do with how we think about our committees, roles, and nominations.

I now have a workshop that covers these topics, and I’m glad to travel and work with local and regional meetings on these ideas.  You can write to me here.

Finally, though it’s not part of the age inclusion culture flip series, The 45-Yard Line presents some ideas about the differences between Friends who grew up with exposure to the Internet and Friends who didn’t–especially significant, I believe, to anyone who works with communications, outreach, or fundraising.