For Quaker Parents Everywhere

Quaker Parent Mutual Support Groups

November 2022 – April 2023

The Quaker parent mutual support groups provide a supportive forum in which Quaker parents can talk about their parenting and their faith. Parents celebrate one another’s successes and provide fellowship for one another through difficulties. Each group has two co-facilitators whose own children are no longer living at home. The co-facilitators are responsible for structuring the conversations, emailing reminders about meetings, and so forth.

These groups are open to any Friend currently raising children under the age of nineteen. They are free. The groups will meet for one hour every other week for a total of twelve gatherings between November 2022 and April 2023. They will be conducted in English and on the Zoom platform. In past years, the groups have included Friends from many yearly meetings (and isolated Friends) across the theological spectrum of Quakerism.

Curious to know more? Reports are available from the project’s first year and second year.

We anticipate this being the final year of this project in this form, but there is a group of Friends working together to find ways to embed forms of support and nurture for Quaker parents in various settings–including, but not limited to, mutual support groups like these.

The registration deadline has now passed.