Connection in a Time of Covid-19

Dear Friends,

Welcome!  I’m posting here resources and opportunities with which I am directly involved.  For a more comprehensive list, please visit Kathleen Wooten’s Being the Church Online.

Is there a particular resource or opportunity that you wish were available to you right now?  Let me know here.


Gathering for Worship Without Physically Gathering

As clerk of New York Yearly Meeting’s Ministry Coordinating Committee, I assembled a this resource about non-physical gatherings for worship.  Take a look here: Gathering in Worship


Virtual Clerking

Some Quaker committees might not meet for awhile, but if you’re a member of a worship committee or a pastoral care committee, you might find yourself needing to meet more, and possibly in a virtual format that you’re not accustomed to.  This is an essay about clerking committee meetings or meetings for business by videoconference or phone.

And here is a video version of much of the same content, with me in conversation with New England Yearly Meeting‘s Nia Thomas (Quaker Practice and Leadership Facilitator) and Fritz Weiss (former yearly meeting clerk).


Family Devotionals

These daily Zoom (videoconference) calls are designed for adults and children participating together.  No upper age limit on the kids, but the audience primarily in mind is elementary school and preschool.

We’ll have singing together, a story, and a query.  We’ll have a chance for some discussion, either as a whole group or in virtual small groups, depending on how many people appear on any given call.

You can sign up here to indicate interest, and I’ll send you an email with how and when you can sign in.  Look for the email on Saturdays or Sundays.  If you don’t receive it, please check your junk/spam folder.


Virtual Workshops

These are workshops that I’ve done in the past, either in-person or virtually, that I’m ready to translate into virtual workshops.  You gather the group (anywhere from two to thirty people) and I’ll bring the content.  It’s a wide variety of topics.

We’ll use Zoom videoconferencing as our platform. Go here to find a list of subjects and descriptions: Virtual Retreats