The Social Media Ads Outreach Experiment

Social media represents an unprecedented platform for witness and ministry. Many people under the age of forty use social media as their exclusive source of information and communications.

Six monthly meetings in New York Yearly Meeting participated in an 50-day experiment using social media ads as Quaker outreach.

Between May 12 and July 1 of 2017, these ads reached over 90,000 young adults.

At the end of this experiment, we now have proven examples of effective social media ads as well as a stronger understanding of the medium generally. Among other things, we have learned that Facebook (for now) is the ideal social media platform on which to focus Quaker resources.

The next steps involve working directly with meetings to coordinate ads with a consistent, meaningful Facebook presence and developing monthly meetings’ independent capacity to engage effectively with social media.

Download the full report (including how your monthly meeting or church can try this!) below:

Social Media Ad Outreach Experiment Report


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