Social Media Ads Outreach

Social media represents an unprecedented platform for witness and ministry. Many people under the age of forty use social media as their exclusive source of information and communications.

New York Yearly Meeting has now run two phases of a 50-day experiment using social media ads as Quaker outreach.

Between May 12 and July 1 of 2017, six local meetings reached over 90,000 young adults.

Social Media Ad Outreach Experiment Report (Phase One)


Between August 18 and October 6 of 2017, twelve local meetings (plus Powell House retreat center) reached over 250,000 people.

Social Media Ad Outreach Experiment Report (Phase Two)


Interested in trying this in your own Quaker church or monthly meeting?


Now you can, through a new partnership with Friends General Conference!

How do we let newcomers and seekers know that our meeting is eager to welcome them…through social media? Learn how to create engaging outreach content and campaigns through FGC’s Digital Outreach training! Over the course of 60 days, participants will learn how to build a meaningful overall social media presence with the help of facilitator Emily Provance, a Friend who is called to the ministry of outreach.

The Digital Outreach Summer training cohort will begin on June 1st, 2018. The Fall training cohort begins September 1st, 2018. 

Go here to sign up or learn more.